Thursday, February 5, 2009

Remind Me Never To Get Old....

Today I took my grandmother to the doctor and then grocery shopping. It was a big day out for her. Grocery shopping for my grandma is an all day event. She was actually a little mad at me because she likes to go to multiple stores to compare the prices of meat. We stopped at the local discount grocery store because she told me that she had "no food". This amazes me because
  1. my sister is temporarily living with her and does most of the grocery shopping. She even works at the bank located inside this grocery store.
  2. later when we were putting away the bags and bags of food she purchased, we couldn't even find room for all her stuff. The freezer in the basement was completely full and her cabinets were overflowing. What is she stocking up for the Apocalypse?

We stopped to visit my sister at the bank while we were there. She also added a few things to the shopping list. When I pick up the requested potato chips, my grandma says that "she never buys those" but insisted that we get two bags because they're the best. Several times she discovered something on her list that was in an aisle we had already passed up. When I told her I would go back for them she sighed saying "nevermind, I guess I can do without them." (I did go back for many of the things she wanted) She also kept apologizing profusely for taking up my time and for me to not get angry with her. I was constantly reassuring her that I was on vacation, had set the day aside for her, and had absolutely nothing else but a nap planned for the day. She also kept telling me that she hadn't been out of the house since Christmas. This cracked me up because I know for a fact that she has to go to her doctors appointments once a week for a lab draw and my mother has taken her to Walmart several times before she left for Mexico. She is such a drama queen. At least I know where my melodramatic tendencies come from.

It was an exhausting day and I really need a nap.


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That was so sweet of you to take her shopping. I think a lot of older people are like this. They say they don't have any food, but stockpile it. She sounds like a live wire!