Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Gift Horse

I think the last post jinxed me. That evening I made a trip to the ER doubled over in pain. They sent me home with pain meds, and the next day my pee turned the color of tea.
I followed up with my Dr and after several tests and another trip to the ER they figure that a stone got out of my gallbladder before they removed it and is in the common bile duct blocking off my liver.
So that was keeping me busy for the last two weeks.
Tomorrow I go in to have them try to remove it.
Hopefully after this I will be back to normal......whatever that is.


Becky Durham said...

Oh goodness. I'll pray for you--that everything goes like it should and that there will be no more pain!

Robin said...

Oh No! Good luck with the procedure and I hope you feel great soon!!!

Heidi said...

Feel better!!!!

Terrie said...

i hope they are able to fix it and get you back on your feet soon!