Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Poor Little Kitties

Someone is dozing in his swing (thank God for that thing!) and is allowing me some time to post.

I'm sure some of you are wondering how my furry babies are handling the arrival of the newest baby. The answer? Surprisingly well. They are curious about him and smell him a lot, and are terrified of him when he cries. They have also discovered some advantages to having a baby around. Boxes. They Love them. I have been trying to spend a little individual kitty time with them, but it's hard since someone else takes up most of my time right now. I feel kinda bad for them, but I'm sure once the "newness" wears off from being a parent and I get into some kind of routine I will be able to focus on more than just Jack.

Until that happens? At least they have each other.

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Amanda said...

Ooh I love kitties! I want one SO badly. Your kitties are adorable!