Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Month

I can't believe that Jackson is a month old today! Does that mean his warranty is up? He is getting so big. He's already outgrowing his newborn clothes and jammies. It makes me a little sad to pack them away.
We've done a lot this past week. We went with Daddy to watch his first Football Sunday. Notice the matching jersey's? I got his at Babyland for $4. How awesome is that?
My two bad ass dudes.

Yesterday he just discovered that there are things hanging above his swing. He has been swinging in that thing all month and yesterday he was all when did that get there? It's amazing to see him learn new things every day. I'm kind of jealous of that. I mean when was the last time you stared at your hand for an hour and thought. How cool is that?
I haven't really posted much this week because we have also been dealing with a new problem. I call is Dr. Jackson and Mr. Hyde. During the day he's all sweet and cute and smiley.
And then suddenly around 7 or 8pm he becomes all screamy and inconsolable.
This usually lasts till around 2 or 4am when everyone passes out. Every night. Needless to say no one is getting much sleep around here and we're all a little edgy. I also have a permanent set of dark circles and a head cold. I don't know what to do for the little guy. We've tried Mylecon drops, pumping his little legs, massages, warm compresses, driving, singing, reading, swinging, tummy time, giving up dairy, giving up pop (not helpful with all the tired), giving up practically all foods in general. I have thought about leaving him in a basket on some one's doorstep, but I would miss the little booger.

Last night, at around 8 I have him a 2 oz bottle of formula that we had left over from the hospital with a boob milk chaser. He ate again at midnight fussed for 30 minutes and fell asleep.

Until 7 am.

I thought he was dead.

Both Spiderman and I got up every hour to check on him, but he was just sleeping. Like a baby. He woke up this morning all content and smiley with a diaper that weighed at least 10 lbs in pee. Go figure. I guess we'll try the formula thing again tonight and I'm also going to start him on a pro biotic my pediatrician recommended. Hopefully, he'll have another good night.
We don't want the return of Mr. Hyde.
Did I SAY you could take a picture of me?

If it doesn't work, does anyone have a nice basket I could borrow?


Anonymous said...

We have the bouncy seat version of that swing. :)

Is he getting enough naps during the day? If not, he could be overtired by that time of night. And if he had a little growth spurt, he could be extra hungry.

I know you've probably thought of and tried those things,but I figured I'd mention it on the random off chance you hadn't. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG i love. LOVE.. LOVE him! the pics are great!Dr. Jackson and Mr. Hyde... classic.. haha tell him Auntie Abbie misses him! =)

Robin said...

I know I am just an expert on My Baby...certainly not all babies. But my dude was very colicky in the early days (months!) and a kind soul gave me The Happiest Baby on the Block book. Saved. My. Life.
ps-he is adorable!!!

JENNerilizations said...

Well, now you can reference this post 16 years from now when he asks why he can't borrow the car.

Shannon said...

I felt the same way when my oldest first slept through the night (she was about 5 weeks old at the time)... I thought for sure something was wrong! And instead of getting some much-needed sleep myself, I kept going in her room to check on her.

Hope things are going better for you guys!