Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No One Should Be Allowed to Drive But Me

And maybe Spiderman.


And you too if you promise to be nice.

Yesterday I was almost hit twice. Once while I was in the parking lot of the hospital. I was driving an appropriate parking lot speed....25mph.... and heading toward the exit when some jerk comes flying down the aisle going at least 55 and almost T bones me. Many curses later, I continue home. I'm driving in the lane farthest left when suddenly a lady in her stupid SUV crosses from the far right turn lane, across 3 lanes and cuts me off. I could have licked her rear bumper that's how close she was. Oh, and did I mention that she didn't even have her turn signal on at all? More cursing and the finger on that one. I also hate that as I'm driving in the left passing lane (aka the fast lane) there are people in front of me who are getting into the left turn lane, but first have to come to an almost complete stop. Umm....THAT'S WHAT THE TURN LANE IS FOR!!! That's why it's there. And so long. So that you can get in it and THEN slow down and completely stop if you need to. Not slam on your brakes so that everyone else in the fast lane must do so also.

If other people insist on driving like idiots on the road with me then I think that I should get a dart gun and be allowed to blow out their tires as I see fit.

It's only fair.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

Hmmmm, is that raging hormones I smell?

Amanda said...

I'm completely with you there. People are so stupid on the road. That said, I haven't driven in almost a year so you might do well to blow dart my tires if I decide to get in the driver's seat. :)