Friday, January 29, 2010

The One Where I Was Almost a Thief

Today is my day off and I was having a little trouble getting motivated. The throbbing headache that I woke up with that started yesterday wasn't helping things either. I lay around in my pj's watching bad TV until about 10 o'clock.

When I got the call.

According to my caller ID it was work. The last few times I was called by work it was to come in extra. Today, I did not want to come in extra. But I answered it anyway. It was a co-worker of mine who noticed that I was off today, had an 8 hour shift tomorrow, and then was on vacation. Wanting to pick up extra shifts herself she asked if I would mind if she worked for me tomorrow. Would I mind????

So I am officially on vacation. A day early. How to celebrate? Target of course! That was all the motivation I needed to shower and get dressed.

Happily I drove to Target, stopping to get gas and a car wash beforehand. I hummed as I perused the aisles. I looked at maternity clothes. Ummm yeah, my pants are tight already. I don't want to talk about it. I considered getting a kitty playground complete with towers, tunnels, and scratching posts. I wandered through the Wii games and the book aisle. All the linens were on sale so I bought a new tablecloth and a rug for my hallway. I pushed my cart to the makeup section and debated between two different purple shades of nail polish. One was darker than the other. Did the darker one make me look more like a corpse? I selected one and set it in my basket. I bought a few more toiletries and went to check out. As luck would have it I was 2nd in line behind someone only buying a few things. I checked out, paid for my purchases and pushed my cart towards the door. I grabbed my bag, and picked up my purse. That's when I noticed it.

The nail polish.

I hadn't paid for it.

I hesitated briefly. Do I just shove it in my bag? Would that be horrible Karma? I mean it's a $3 nail polish. I started to feel hot and flushed and knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

I went back and paid for the nail polish.

Am I completely crazy or would you do the same?


Becky Durham said...

Girl, one time I noticed I hadn't paid for a friggin' CARTON OF EGGS at Walmart (it was in the seat under my purse and I had forgotten about it) and I went back in and paid for the stupid things. They thought I was crazy.

But, you know, why carry that around on your conscience?

Kristan said...

Nah, not crazy. If I had gotten all the way home, I probably would have let it slide, but if I was still in the parking lot (or the store, in your case) then I would have paid. Like you said, it's only $3.

(Now, if I got home and by some miracle a $100 item had escaped notice, I would go back and pay for that too. That's like too much for me to say, Well pssh, their fault.)

Amanda said...

You're not crazy. You would have felt a lot worse if you didn't pay for it . . . I have a bit of overwhelming guilt for everything so I don't think I could have enjoyed the nail polish if I knew I hadn't paid for it . . . but that's probably crazy of me lol.

MelADramatic Mommy said...

No you were right. And, soon there will be another set of eyes watching you, and those eyes notice EVERYthing.