Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hey, It worked for Moses....

Yesterday Spiderman and I went to the baby Dr for my 12 week appt. He had an emergency with another patient so we had to wait a bit before we were seen. We were sitting in the waiting room and were confronted with one of my many pet peeves. I swear, someone should write a book on cell phone etiquette and make EVERYONE read it. We sat in the waiting room for about 20 minutes and listened to the lady across the room and her entire VERY LOUD conversation. If you feel that you must have what should probably be a private conversation in an otherwise silent room filled with other people who could really give a shit about your life, please try to do it in semi-hushed tones. Or go sit in your car. Or you deserved to be smacked. Hard. By me.

Okay, That's all I'm going to say about that. On to more interesting things.

Spiderman and I were also looking at cribs. Baby shopping would be so much easier if Mr. Picky Pants would just let me buy what I want and not have to have an opinion.
There are so many cribs to choose from and so many of them are crazy expensive. I was looking at the Babyland web site and found this disturbing picture:

Yes, that's supposed to be a crib. It looks more like a baby cage. Or a baby crate. Like the kind you put your pets in at night so they don't pee all over. I have visions of saying " Okay honey get in your crate, Mommy and Daddy are going out." It just seems wrong.
I'm partial to darker finishes on furniture and I found this crib. It's simple. It's convertible.
And the best part? There is one very similar at Target for under $200. Now, that's what I'm talkin' bout!
We're also thinking about a bassinet to put in our room for the first few months. I'm kinda partial to the Moses basket idea like this cute one:

The only problem with the basket idea is where would I put it that would be safe from kitties? They LOVE them some baskets. I could just see all three of them crammed into the basket. Baby and two furry companions. This would probably be a bad idea, right?

Does anyone have an inexpensive kitty-free option? Or a way to kitty-proof the basket?

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Amanda said...

That first crib is a bit . . . imposing, to say the least. My sister bought the second crib and she loved it, so I'm sure it's a good option. I like the dark finish too.

When I was in high school I would go to the library every day at lunch, and there was ALWAYS the same kid in there having a loud conversation on his cell phone to his dad. It was a library. Wtf?