Monday, October 5, 2009

SPF- Have a Great Time!

As of Saturday I am officially in the Bahamas! YEA!!!! I've arranged for a few guest posts while I'm away hanging by the resort pool. The first of my guest bloggers is my mother. She gets to be first cuz she's my mom and all. She started her blog shortly after I showed her mine, and we've been addicted ever since! Go on over sometime and check hers out. Mom, I appreciate the guest post....and watching my kitties!

I am like a bookmark, a bookmark in the spine of a fascinating and funny novel, otherwise known as Spoonful of Sarah. Here the heroine has paused slightly and checked into a fancy condo in the sunny Bahamas with her husband to celebrate, to relax and to lie in the warm sun. I am jealous of the vaca, but as her mom, I'm keeping my thumb on her "place" until she gets home. (That and I'm feeding the cats!) I don’t have a fancy picture on the part where I mark. I don’t have one of those perky little dangling tassels. I just have a bit of advice for our heroine. Wear sunscreen. Lots of it. I’ve known Sarah almost all of her life…scratch that, all of her life. Born early in the morning on a February day, she had the thickest patch of dark wild hair and the slightly yellow skin of a newborn infant with jaundice. She resembled an Eskimo baby. The “tan” quickly faded and she smiled sweetly through her fair skin.

Did I say fair? Reader’s listen up, she is the whitest white person I’ve ever seen. She’s even whiter than the whitest Michael J. was when he was at his whitest. Skin like porcelain, her likeness is that of Snow White sans the dwarves. Seriously, the last time I saw her with anything resembling a tan, was when she was seven and that tan was earned in carefully measured doses of sun over the course of the entire summer.

Mom's worry. I know she’s packed SPF in the highest of numbers, I only hope she uses it wisely. Seriously, those of us back here in the Midwest where autumn is swooping in to capture our rays, will quietly await your return my dear. Hoping to hear of good times and nary a sunburn!
Hurry back!


Mimi's Toes said...

WOW...I am so jealous! Great post momma! Love the turkey in the bikini.

Shannon said...

Hope you're having a great time, Sarah! I'm not jealous at all... nope, not me...

Um, and how cool that your mom not only has her own blog, but that she did a guest post for you?! Way to go, Mom!

P.S. please remember the sunscreen! You don't want to spend your fabulous vacation suffering from sunburn!