Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bahama Mama

My trip to the Bahamas can be summed up in one word. Hot Like really hot. Record temperatures. High 90's every day. Muggy, sticky, surface of the sun hot. So hot that the ocean and pool stopped being refreshing almost immediately after entering them.

Despite the temperatures, the resort was gorgeous.
There were island kitties living at the resort that Spiderman and I quickly befriended. So much so that Spiderman wanted to buy cat food at the grocery store. This one was our favorite.
We named her Petera.....don't ask. I'm pretty sure she wanted to come home with us.
Here is a picture of the most annoying steel drummer in the history of the world. He would play the same few bars of melody over. And over. And over. It was torture. We had to leave.
Thankfully there was lots of Rum. Spiderman was in heaven. The food in the restaurants in Port Lacaya was fabulous! We had seafood of all kinds. There were even Mexican and Italian fusion places. I will definitely miss eating out every night. The evenings cooled off enough for us to put clothes on.
Most of our time was spent here.
It was just so damn hot!
But relaxing. I slept an average of 10-12 hours every night. I think it was a heat coma. I would also occasionally nap on the lounge chairs. I'm not very good at relaxing. I get stir crazy with nothing to do. Laying by the pool, I read 3 books. It was awesome.

I just kept rotating. Pool. Lounge chair. Pool. Lounge chair.

Beach. Lounge chair. It was so relaxing. I highly recommend it. I mean where else can you wake up in the morning to this?

I think next time we'll go after November. When it's a little cooler.
I'm sure it will be just as relaxing.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

That water looks spectacular! Hope you had a relaxing time!

Mimi's Toes said...

WELCOME HOME! It sounds like a dreamy relaxing time, even if you were hot. I could just sleep floating on that water.

Jen said...

I totally understand what you mean about the heat. We went to Key West in Aug and I though I was going to die at certain points in the trip. And the thing is that I'm not usually one to complain about heat. Now being cold is a totally different story. Anyway, glad to see you had such a relaxing vacation!!!