Monday, March 31, 2008

Social Butterflies

Okay all you social butterflies, I have a dilemma. This past weekend was busy for me. On Saturday I went to the wedding of a friend of my husband's (for the sake of this blog my husband wants to be referred to as Spiderman). The only people I knew well there were of course Spiderman, the bride and groom, and my brother and sister-in-law. Spiderman knew several people as they are all part of his Fantasy Baseball league. He spent all night forming the ultimate Fantasy Team, leaving me to fend for myself. For some reason I get very shy in situations like this. Normally, I have no problem talking to complete strangers (I do this every day with my patients, and also Spiderman laughs at me because I'll talk to complete strangers in the grocery store...etc). I sat at our table with my sister-in-law listening to the other women talk having NO idea what to say to them. I searched my brain for things to say. Most of them were part of the "mommy club" and unfortunately I have nothing to contribute there. I understand that having children is life changing and all consuming. (I will probably be the worst one someday) I do not mean this in a catty way, but it can be very isolating sometimes, at my age, not belonging to that club. Anyway....I got off track....what do you talk to complete strangers about in these situations? Where everyone knows each other and you don't. I feel a little like I held my sister-in-law hostage. (Jen I apologize, especially since I got kind of crabby at the end of the night!)
Anyway....I was looking through my camera and noticed that the whole night I only took one picture.
I wonder what this says about me. Every wedding I go to I take a picture of the cake.


JackeeG4glamorous said...

When you want to "chat it up" with strangers AND change the subject. Ask the strangers questions about themselves that are relevant to a different subject. Such as: "how do you all know each other?" How did you all meet? How do you know the bride/groom? Take them off the "mommy trail", by asking them if they watch _________. Fill in a popular TV show. I say TV show, because if they are mommies, they may not have been to a movie theater near as much as you, and might even still be wearing clothes from high school or college.
Ask them about recipes! That is a good thing-cause you are an amazing cook! Great pix of cake dear, although pink is not my fav color. Unless it is spun sugar and totally edible.

Brandi said...

Sarah I agree with you. I went to a Baby shower on Sunday and only knew a handful of people if that. The table I sat at they all had kids and you know I dont so I just kind of sat there and didn't say much. It is a hard situation for me becauswe when people ask if I have kids and I say no, they are like well how long ahve you been married and why dont you have kids. I dont want any right now( I know you do) but it is difficult because people want to tell you about their kids. I tell them jokingly I have kids a cat, a dog, and a HUSBAND(who is the biggest kid of them all!!!!!). Next time invite me and I will be your date and we can chat it up all night!!!!
Love ya Sorry I have not wrote in your blog in a couple of days.

Crooked Eyebrow said...

because cake is yummy and that one looks fabulous!