Monday, May 7, 2012

Transitional Time

I'm sorry I haven't posted much since we've been home. Quite honestly, having a newborn and a busy toddler keeps me pretty busy. I'm always changing someone and they never sleep at the same time. Plus a very little guy has his days and nights mixed up so I've been crazy tired!  I don't mind too much though because this little guy?
He's wicked cute.  I think he might be a little sweeter than Jackson was at this stage. It's hard to remember though since I tend to block those early days out I was SO tired!
Yep, he's pretty sweet and looks a lot like his brother did.  So much so that I sometimes mistakenly call him Jackson.
Everyone in the house seems to like him.  Jack loves to go over to him and say "Bebe" and play with his feet or pat his head.  He also pulls out his pacifier and tries to "share" food with him.  Fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, marshmallows.  I have to watch him like a hawk! At least he's sharing....

What's harder this time around is that both of our kids are needy and we divide and concur.  Spiderman tends to lean towards helping Jack out and then I take Ben.  The problems with this?  Jack can be taken care of much quicker and then Spiderman is back to sleep or whatever else he was doing.  Ben on the other hand?  He takes a little more time so I spend less time sleeping or doing anything else.  I would like to switch on occasion but for some reason Spiderman just doesn't hear Ben in the night.  Conveniently.

We did finally finish Ben's room.  Well mostly finish. I still have some decorative shelves and things to hang, but here's a picture.
It's actually much cuter in person.
That's all the time I have for this post before someone else needs to have a diaper change...

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