Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shit Really Does Run Downhill

Since becoming the supervisor in my department my job duties have changed drastically. I never knew so much was involved behind the scenes to running a hospital. I have been going to meetings with the other "leadership" in the hospital and it has been another eye opener. When I go to these meetings everyone is like "We're so awesome! This is the Best hospital EVER! We Can Do Anything!! Great Job Everyone!!!!" Everyone is smart and positive and glowy. Then I go back to my department with the people who are on the front lines. The ones who do all the heavy lifting.

They are not so positive and definitely no one is glowy.

I kind of want to stay at the meetings. Who wouldn't? Job satisfaction greatly improves the higher you go up the ladder. I've really had to adjust my mindset drastically which was surprising to me since I've only gone up one small rung. But I'm not "one of the gang" anymore. What I say has some weight to it. I represent more than just myself. I also have to make hard decisions now that I didn't have to before. I have to deal with the fact that some people are going to hate me just because I'm the boss. I also have resistance from others because they know me as a coworker and now they have to listen to me. There are a few in particular that have no respect for me as their boss and are giving me a hard time. I'm not sure how to handle them. They are confrontational people and try to bully me into getting their way. I just try to keep consistent and hope that with time they will accept me.

What else should I do to earn their respect? How do you handle confrontational people?


The Adventures of Pia said...

Sorry to hear your struggle at work I think you should just tell your shitty employees to "suck a dick" and get back to work. Thats how I think I would handle it. Maybe one reason I am not in management. :)

Anonymous said...

I completley agree with Pia. "SaD" is positively perfect and will make YOU glow! :) say it with a smile~