Monday, June 20, 2011

A Difficult Game

Among the many new tasks I have to do for my "new" position the staff schedule is probably my LEAST favorite. Including the PRN staff there are over 40 employees in my department. They all have unique availability with school schedules, sitter schedules, and the fun fact that I need 24 hour coverage. Some do 8 hour shifts only some do 12 hours shifts only. Others like doubles or a mixture of the 3.

But not all together.

Or they want them all together in one long marathon of work with a longer stretch off between. I have a grid of boxes. The top of the boxes is the date. The side of the boxes are the employees. The bottom boxes are my shift tally. With all the availability issues, scheduling for my department is kind of like a very complex game of chess.

If the pieces yelled at you.

I have learned that you can never make everyone happy...especially with their schedules.

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The Adventures of Pia said...

I dont envy that job! I feel like people who have a lot of requests for schedules really dont want to have to work so they just make it as difficult as possible. LOL