Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nine Months


I cannot believe you're already nine months! You're such a big boy and you think you're even bigger than you are. Your BFF is a 6 year old and I know that you think that you are peers.
You're the most nosy, curious little guy and get into absolutely EVERYTHING.
And everything goes into your mouth. Sometimes you bite, but we're working on that. Right now you have 4 teeth and working on 3 more which makes you really crabby at times. Speaking of're "baby mood swing". One minute you're happy and giggly and the next you're screaming your little head off. Every night it's a huge surprise that you have to put on pajamas. We argue and you cry. We argue a lot. You very much have your own opinions and ideas about what you're going to do. Like standing in the bathtub. And standing in your carseat. You'd be a lot happier if you could ride standing in the backseat of the car with your head hanging out the window to let the wind blow your little hair.

You love to stand.

You pull yourself up on everything and walk all along the furniture and coffee table. I don't think it will be too much longer until you take off on your own. Then we're really screwed.

Because you're fast

I wish I could tell you your favorite food, but you are such a good eater there is very little you don't love. You kick your little legs and grunt for more at most every meal. We've been giving you bits of real food to try instead of just baby food. Like cooked carrots, fruit, pieces of bread, and cheese. You do seem to REALLY love cheese though. That's how I know you're my kid because you look a LOT like your Daddy.

You love playing with your toys now and especially love anything that has wheels that you can push back and forth. Cars, trucks, the bottom rack of the love to push them around for hours. You're also fascinated by the vacuum cleaner. You chase me all over the house while I vacuum. For some reason it fascinates you instead of scares you. In fact very little scares my fearless guy. Except the car wash. I'm not sure why.

Everywhere we go everyone loves you and you love to turn on the charm. Giggling, smiling, and flirting. You're definitely a charmer.


And we love you.


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JackeeG4glamorous said...

Wierd, you used to be scared of the car wash too!!!