Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sorry For This Rant, But it Can't be Helped.

I'm going to warn you ahead of time. This post may piss some people off, but I am still compelled to write it because you know what? It's MY blog.

Today as I was driving home from my local Target, there were about 100 people lined up along the main drag of my little town. They were holding signs saying Abortion kills children, Abortion hurts Women, Adoption is the better Option, and Pro-Life. I think that the pro-life stance over simplifies a decision that is way more complex.

I don't think it's really appropriate to have the opposing sides be called pro-life/pro-choice. I mean we're all pro-life. No one in either party is pro-death are they? No one really wants to "kill" babies. I don't think that the women having abortions feel that they really have other options. I mean sure, they could give the child up for adoption. I considered adoption myself when I thought I couldn't have children. I still may.

I wanted to stop and ask the people holding signs how many adopted children each of them had. It's easy to "stand up" for the unborn and then not give two shits about them after that. Once they are born they're on their own aren't they? These people aren't going to adopt them, they aren't going to help raise them, and they sure as hell don't want to pay for them. I think it's more than a little hypocritical.

My opinion? Who the hell am I to make such a life changing decision for someone else when I personally don't have to accept responsibility.

As far as the religious implications of abortion? I think that's between the individual and their God. It seems to me it's the self righteous religious people who become obsessed with this cause. Of course THEY know how best for everyone else to live. Because they are such shining examples of perfection? Their sin-free lives should be an example to everyone? Puleeze!!! We as a people need to start worrying about our own lives and cutting others some slack. Who among us is so 100% sure that they're going straight to heaven that they can afford to spend time passing judgement on others. I doubt many can say that.

I mean, what are they really worried about? That NASCAR , Walmart, and holy-roller revival attendance will suffer if abortion is allowed? That jean bib overall production will plummet? Who will they feel better than if there are fewer welfare momma's and crack babies for them to click their tongues at?


Okay, I'm done spewing my anger.

Thanks for listening.


Terrie said...

i totally agree! i think it is such a personal decision and really, no one has a right to try to make that decision for you.

Becky Durham said...

I agree with you. It's funny--i was just thinking about this this weekend. I am pro-choice. But that doesn't mean I think people should have abortions or that I ever would. It just means that I recognize we have the medical technology that allows women to make that choice and they should be able to choose what's right and best for their situations.

I agree--no one's pro-abortion or pro-death. The labeling doesn't do the issue justice.

Robin said...

I will totally jump up on that soapbox with ya...

pro-life vs pro-choice, yeah the pro-lifers got better semantics going for them, but that's about it

if you really press a pro-lifer (and I have) about what should happen to a woman who may die if she continues a pregnancy, or what about a pregnancy that is the result of incest or rape...many of them will tell you abortion is ok in those extreme circumstances. Wait! Making a distinction as to which "babies should be saved" reveals the hypocrisy of their beliefs. I think they basically want to shame people, simple as that. Awful.

ps-I would totally adopt, too!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

LMAO at bib overall production plummeting....Ok, the pro life, pro choice matter (you get your passion from a younger me) I think won't upset some as much as the bib overall production - if they get it. (don't worry, they may not own pc's.)

Celebrating life's ups and downs said...

I drove past the same thing made me sick to my stomach. My 15 year old and I discussed it though and that was a good thing. I am not the one to judge anyone...I cant tell women what to do with their bodies...its a baby but your right it needs to be taken care of and more importantly loved. Loved your post.

Amanda said...

While on a moral stance I disagree with abortion, I am completely pro-choice. It is a personal decision, and a woman should be entitled to deciding what is best for herself. I also believe that if abortion was made illegal, people would do it anyway, at great expense to their own health.