Friday, August 27, 2010

See? I CAN Still Post About Non-Baby Stuff!

Is it possible to gain weight from watching the Food and Cooking Network all day long? When I was in the hospital I had limited cable channels, but I did have the Food Network and HGTV. Since I've been home those seem to be the two things I watch the most of. Jack seems to like it, and it is one of those things you can have on as background noise and not be irritated by it. Now the E! Channel, on the other hand, is my guilty pleasure. Spiderman sighs and rolls his eyes when I watch E! News or the Kardashians. I have to watch it on the sly. This has become really hard for me since he's been home with Jack and I these past 2 weeks.

One afternoon I did get to watch several old episodes in a row while he was out running errands. I came across the episode where Kourtney gives Khloe a bikini wax and she claims she's also done anal bleaching on people. Hold on......what?......anal bleaching? I was all WTF is anal bleaching? Of course I had to Google that shit. Apparently when you have all the hair removed from your lady parts you notice that your butt hole is a darker color than the skin around it. And some people feel the need to bleach it to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Aesthetically pleasing? It's your butt hole for crying out loud. It's where poop comes from. That in itself is not all that pleasing of a concept. Maybe it's me and my irritable bowel, or the fact that I don't have a lot of traffic in that general area but this seems a bit excessive. I mean, are they getting complaints or something? Any guy who is lucky enough to be back there should thank his lucky stars and not be critiquing anything!

Tell me, what's your opinion on the topic? Am I getting really old, or does this seem a little much?


Becky Durham said...

Oh my...I also have never heard of "anal bleaching" and I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis.

Also--LO freaking L, I'm gonna be laughing about that for an hour, probably.

Heidi said...

That's disgusting. Seriously.

It's bad enough they shave every conceivable part of their bodies and now they bleach their assholes.

Apparently these people are what they bleach....assholes.

JackeeG4glamorous said...

"LO freaking L"!!!! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Jason claims it's popular in the porn star circuit. Apparently they want to make sure their assholes look good for the camera.

The Coconut Diaries said...

I had heard it for porn stars, but not for regular people. (no pun intended)

I was shocked that Khloe let Kourtney DOWN THERE in the first place! I mean, you can love your sister, just don't LOVE your sister.