Monday, August 23, 2010

Already a Week Old

I'm going to start this post by admitting something: I have never really liked babies.


When I tell people this they probably think I'm a horrible person. I mean babies are cute and all, but I usually prefer them when they're several months old and actually start doing things. When ever one of my friends would have a new baby I would hold them and coo over them, and then get bored pretty quickly and hand them back. I realized all this when I first got pregnant and was prepared to totally wait out the next few months until he was older and "more fun".
What I wasn't prepared for is to be totally and completely smitten. I could hold him and watch him all day long. It really is different when it's your own child. I think he's pretty cool. When he sleeps he's a cuddler and I love to smell his head and smooch his cheeks. When he's awake he's looking all around and loves to stare at my face and listen to me talk to him. He already has a little personality. The picture in the previous post where he's giving mommy the finger? He does that all on his own. A lot of the time. He is very into using his hands.
He's already my happy little monkey.
I mean who wouldn't love this sweet little face?


MelADramatic Mommy said...

When my DS was about a week old, my husband asked my mom how long it would be until he 'did stuff.' My mom laughed and said be careful what you wish for because the time passes so quickly and you'll wish they would stop doing 'stuff.' :D

Amanda said...

He already looks like you . . . and usually I think babies look all the same. :)

Becky Durham said...

He *does* look like you!

Time does fly...enjoy!

JackeeG4glamorous said...

In these two pictures he looks like you, and like your uncles did as babies. Lots of times he looks like Daddy.
He's so sweet and alert! I'm so happy you are enjoying him.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you. I never liked babies either... until my sister had her son. I think b/c he was so closely related to me (it's as close as you can get as a kid being your own), he was so much more fascinating to me than any baby before had ever been. And then when I had my son, it was the same thing again. Even though he was just mush, I could just look at him in fascination. And now that he's almost 4 mths, he IS more fun, too. Every new stage has its fun when they're yours. :)