Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Project.

I haven't posted pics of my home improvements in a while because I've finally taken on the challenge of my entryway/living room/dining room/kitchen. What makes this a challenge? This area is open concept with connecting rooms and cathedral ceilings. Otherwise known as a huge pain-in-the-ass to paint. Especially if you don't own a ladder. And hate to paint. But the entire house was painted with flat paint when we moved in and the walls are all marked up. This has been slowly driving me insane.

Because this is such a huge endeavor, I decided to paint a small area at a time. I started painting my entryway and the stairways (I have a bi level). Then I painted my hallway. Today I painted one wall in my living room. Well, most of it. I have the worst balance ever, and I should not be anywhere near a ladder. I currently have a nice unbroken neck and would like to keep it that way. So here is as far as I've gotten today.
Is it really obvious where I stopped? It will have to stay this way until I can get Spiderman to get on the ladder. He hates painting even more than I do. One Sunday while I was working, he got out the ladder and painted the higher part of the wall for my entryway.
His "help" resulted in this:
A hole in the wall. Where his foot slipped off the ladder and into the wall. When I called home to see about his progress, he promised that it would be patched before I even got home.
That was a month ago.
He has since promised that it will be fixed before next Thursday as I am having people over to watch the premiere of Grey's Anatomy (squeeee!!!). I hope, for his sake, that happens.... I'm sure he'd hate to sleep in the tub.

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