Friday, April 13, 2012


The other night I was bouncing around Facebook. Going from one friend's profile to another looking at pictures and status updates. I don't know how but I found myself looking at Jessica Alba's page. I started looking at her pictures. She's got pics of her and a friend at fashion shows and in Paris along with pictures of her kids.

There was one picture in particular that caught my eye though.

It was one of her husband and her newest daughter Haven was in her jumperoo. In the background you could see her beautifully decorated dining room. And her dining room table is what I focused on. It was covered in piles of clothes, toys, mail, and shopping bags.

Like MY dining room table.

Not only did it make me feel better about my piles of crap everywhere, but it made me like Jessica Alba all the more. She's a normal mom whose house is full of clutter.

Even if she spends weekends in Paris.

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