Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crabby Pants

I've been wanting to blog but I have been such a crabby Eeyore lately that I thought it probably better if I didn't. But then weeks passed and my mood never improved so here's a random post about what's been going on here.
  • I'm tired. All. The. Time. Jack and I have the same bed time.
  • I've been trying to slowly go though all the crap in my office/junkroom to make it into the new baby's room.
  • My new mattress? It came, but only after drama from JCPenney about the delivery which resulted in me cancelling the order entirely and purchasing one from The Bedding Experts. Lesson? Don't buy anything from the JCPenney Homestore if you actually want it to be delivered to your house.
  • Did I mention that I am tired? And pukey?
  • We also had to put my cat, Tim to sleep. Tim and I were together since I was 18. He was my baby when I couldn't have babies. I didn't take it well.
  • I have bags and bags of Halloween candy that I am not allowed to eat. Spiderman bought be decoy candy. It's running out....

So yeah, that was exactly the depressing post I was trying to avoid. But to be fair I DID warn you.

Please do me a favor? Leave me a comment telling me SOMETHING good.

I need it.

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Bree said...

I love your blog. I have been reading it for a while now, I am a single mom I was looking at going in to the nursing field but changed my mind. I loved following Jacks story Now I get to read about the new baby your getting. Hope you have a better week next week.